Just a biologist with a lifelong dream to save the world

I've always felt connected to the natural world and compelled to interact with wildlife, helping those that need it.  That's what attracted me to field biology.  It let me be out in nature, interacting with animals while also learning and problem solving.  It was natural to me to want to document my experiences, which I've done with a camera. 

I felt like I need to do more, so I decided to start 1 Earth Photography, LLC and donate a portion of all profits to protect natural resources and fund conservation efforts.  It is my hope to inspire wonder and the desire to protect what exists in the world right now by sharing my experiences with you and passing along a little information.  I also want to do it in as green a way as I can.  I would like to eventually provide prints, but for right now I am only providing digital downloads.  This greatly reduces the carbon footprint while putting you in full control of the product. 

Thank you for visiting!

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